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Self-Realization Ashram 

The Self-Realization Ashram is the home of Sat Guru Sri Avinash Do. It was born out of the yearning of spiritual seekers to live a life of service and compassion under the guidance of a spiritual Master. 

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“Love is not a discussion, love is not a study, love is not a game. Love is just love. We all know what love is. Have courage to live it.”

- Sri Avinash Do

“True wisdom is knowing what actions lead to beauty and what actions lead to being trapped in suffering.”

- Sri Avinash Do

“In this field of training the one who loves themself the most and loves others the most wins.”

- Sri Avinash Do

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“In spirituality, the measurement for when you are getting more full is by the qualities. The qualities of – you’re more wise, more peaceful and calm, you’re more joyful or happy. You have more love. Love of yourself, love of others and more love of life. You have more acceptance of you life – whatever comes, good or bad – you have more acceptance. And you have more gratefulness. You feel how lucky you are with everything in life.” – Sri Avinash Do

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